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Craftman type 4 detailing kit.




howdo fellas,


Ive just ordered a Craftman Class 40 detailing kit (DK 32)

I wondered if any of you have had any experience of it, and what were your thoughts and advice.

Its due to be sent off on tuesdaysmile.gif .

regards Chris.





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Hi there,


To me - this is a good start point as it includes most of the basic requirements to detail a Class 40....


It's not the ultimate way to do it, but it works as long as you are prepared to source other details bits as relevant to the Cl40 you are modelling.


Yes - you need to be specific and find a photo (or moreblink.gif ) of the specific Cl40 you intend to model.


Close observation will then enable you to see what other bits you need to source.


But - For a 'Non-Specific' 'General type' model of a Cl40 - it meets the requirememts.




ps - the cast bits will require a fair bit of fettling before they look right and fit properly.

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I can't quite remember what is in the pack, but the Shawplan cab window etch which knocks the socks off of the the now VERY old craftsman effort.


The craftsman nose door etch is 1-mm to short judging by my drawings.


Well, pretty much, Shawplan do some absolutely amazing parts for Class 40's and I recommend you give Brian a ring to find out his range of parts.


I've currently got two 40's on my work bench (both Bachmann lima hybrids) and I can recommend the excellent article by the Crew behind mostyn on doing up there 40's (Rail Express issue 115).





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thanks for the replies guys.


I have got a copy of "The heyday of the class 40s" by gavin morrison so that should help somewhat.


I havent decided on any one engine yet, Im just going to get the chassis up to scratch.

and Im looking for a body that I can repaint into full BR Green without the warning panels.


many regards Chris



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