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13T Lowfit

Mark Forrest



Having found ourselves temporarily homeless due to a two week gap between selling our house and moving in to our new house, the Mrs F and I decided we'd rent a holiday cottage for the weekend over Easter. So on Friday morning we packed up the car and set off for Presteigne (Powys) with the dog and two boxfiles full of unbuilt wagon kits to keep me occupied. The fruits of yesterday's labour was a Red Panda Lowfit. As usual I was unable to build the kit as per the instructions and have gone for an example with LNER brake gear (B450608) once again Paul Bartlett's wagon site provided the inspiration here & here.


The underframe came from an elderly Parkside PC01 steel highfit and required modification to the axleguards to represent the BR type. To do this I cut some thick plasticard (about 80 thou I think) into rectangles 6mm x 3mm, then cut these in half diagonally to give triangles. I cut a vee into these and they were then glued into the gaps in the axleguards and the axleguards were reshaped slightly with a file. The following photo shows work in progress:



There is still a bit of work to do (most notably the missing buffers, axleboxes and brake shoes), but the bits I need to complete this are in storage with the removal firm so it will have to wait for now.



Cheers & Happy Easter


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Glad to see you could get some modelling done, Mark, and I hope you and Mrs F enjoy Presteigne!

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