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Holes, Wires and a little bang.




Hello all, I've had a reasonable evening of progress tonight, finally bit the bullet and started drilling holes that i've been putting off, In my haste to get the layout up and running i forgot to pre drill for some point motors and signals so rather than work from underneath i worked from above. I am using both Seep and Peco point motors, Peco ones have been fitted to the points in front of the mail terminal then re-layed along with a shunting signal which i have managed to destroy, with my wiring all in front of me i forgot to wire in one resistor, connected to the power supply and have now blown the white aspects.....angry.gif... However i have it on good authority that it was the wrong one and i need to get yellow and white not red and white?

Sticking with signals i have had a bit of a bad run of late, I managed to salvage all my signals off the previous layout but when fitting to the new layout i have somehow damaged the delicate wiring so have had to replace two mainline aspects. The signal on the front of the board in the Down direction is now fully automated, I find it very satisfying just running a slow freight train round the layout watching the signal look after itself( simple things).

Last thing completed tonight was the buffer stop on the headshunt with red light. again simple things please me.blogentry-6774-127110963471_thumb.jpgblogentry-6774-127110970472_thumb.jpg


Have also been playing with some buildings, sizing up where things look best etc, took a few pics for my own reference and thought i'd share a couple.blogentry-6774-127111002585_thumb.jpgblogentry-6774-127111008533_thumb.jpgblogentry-6774-127111019007_thumb.jpg





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