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Quick update




Firstly, a look at the bits I didn't use for the Bil! Mostly underframe parts and interior partitions. It shows how "basic" this kit is when so much has to be replaced. blogentry-1187-127309982916.jpg

And a quick update on the EPB. Now painted and having grab handles (etched from Southern Pride) stuck in place using Johnsons floor polish. This is a bit boring and so is progressing quite slowly.



The Modelmaster transfer pack for the 2-EPB is a bit odd, as it includes first class stripes and "1" characters for the doors. I ditched the numbers and used HMRS ones instead, as I find these easier to use for making up numbers.



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Hi Pete,


EPB looks excellent. Are you using Replica flush glazing, I did for my HAP and it makes a real difference to the look of the finished model. I too had a lot of parts left from my BIL build. If only it were available again though!


Cheers for now, Ian

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I'm going to be using the Replica glazing - it does seem to make quite a difference to the models I've seen that use it (including yours).


I need at least 3 more 2-Bils for my layout, and have only 1 more unbuilt kit. The last unbuilt one I saw on Ebay went for about £55!




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Hi Pete,


The last time I saw a 2Bil kit for sale was in the now defunct model shop in Kempston, about five years ago. There were two of them, £18 each. I am kicking myself for not picking them up. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I would like at least one more, in Blue this time. Maybe Hornby will oblige next year!!!!


Cheers for now, Ian.

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Hi Pete,


Looking Fab,B)


The door handles make a real difference, not looking forward to doing mine......but the effort is clearly worth it.


Are the drivers side window frames etched add ons, if so whose are they.......I need some for my 3H an 3D.



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