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Barrow Road Update - Wheel Drop




The extension to road 14 includes the hydraulic wheel drop and I have just made a visit to the History Centre in Chippenham to obtain copies of drawings of the electrical operated one from Bricklayers Arms [ now on the Mid Hants I believe] and another generic LMS unit produced by Ransome & Rapier of Ipswich. I have yet to find one for a hydraulic version. As a result there is a space left - 11ft 6in - on this road while I await a response from Manchester Records Office who have some information on the hydraulic wheel drop at Rose Grove Shed. If anyone has any relevant information please let me know.


In the meantime I have added extra ribs under the pits around the turntable in order to add strength this area. The photos show the three additional ribs clamped in position whilst the glue - titebond - sets.




All the pits have been removed for this operation and are lined up in the background.

The four slots for the workshop pits are also visible.




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Sorry I can't answer your question specifically because I don't know much about wheel-drops, but in general, I imagin that most of the mechanism would be below ground level, so maybe there isn't a huge difference in visual appearance between electric and hydraulic power?

A company where I used to work had a large hydraulic press (ex-Swindon Works boiler shop, I believe) which was powered from a weight loaded accumulator cylinder located outside the building. There was an electric (originally steam) driven pump set, which pumped water to a large vertical cylinder, which raised the ram inside. On the top of the ram, and surrounding the cylinder, was a large, cylindrical weight which rose slowly as the pumps worked but enabled a much larger flow of high pressure water to the press when needed. The accumulator recovered during rest periods.

I don't know if something similar, but perhaps on a smaller scale, was used for hydraulic wheel drops.


Good luck with your research - and the whole project, of course!!



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