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mr magnolia



So, here's an attempt to show the trackplan that resulted from a good few months of deliberation and discussion, and finally, agreement on location.


Its a 1500x600 thing made simply from sundeala board on 3 thin bits of wood saved from an abondoned futon. Its almost exactly everything that is advised against in board construction, as the supports are used on their weak axis and warp and twist a little in the sun and varying temperatures of the bedroom. BUT it was constructed to accommodate a significant height constraint that has now gone away. Hmm, but what project would be complete without a significant constraint that subsequently changes or disappears, leaving the onlooker wondering why such apparently cack-handed decisions had been made!


At the time of construction, the thing sat on a table below the front window, and needed to be lower than the window shutter that swings across it at night. I achieved that by about 5mm, and now, with a different table, I've got loads of room - c'est la vie, I guess. I've also made a nice 1500x900 board in the 'approved' manner, and very much better it is too. I just need to find some space to use it later...






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Is it a fully scenic layout or is part of it hidden. I can't tell if there are two levels as the pink tracks cross on the left? Classic trainset layout it should give you lots of fun to run though - just be careful you don't take it too far and then find the constraints of the board construction really let you down :(

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Rather a lot of track in a very small space. Take care not to get it TOO cluttered, leave room for scenery too.

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I agree with the cluttered comments above unless you have hidden tracks and/or are modelling in N gauge

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thanks guys - its definately in N gauge, and its pretty much all due to be scenicked. Its our first layout and I don't want to stray too far from trainset territory as we need to kep things moving to keep the childer (and my inner child) happy.


The cross over at the rhs is just a long ramp up the back and over the top with the lower section in tunnel-through-hill. Trainlength is short - a 37 and 3 coaches, which fits within the tunnel section, so doesn't look too bad. Then theres another ramp down again of course...


At the moment its wired as a single thing with a polarity switch on the y leg. I'm intending to wire the sections as shown coloured as cab control to allow a train to parade around the outside and some shunting to go on in the middle. That should allow enough action for 2 drivers and a signalwoman/points controller, while the fat controller shouts things from the rear!

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