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He ain't heavy....




A somewhat obtuse title, I suppose, but what the heck, I'm suffering from lack of imagination due to the heat :D


Work continues on the heavyweight conversion, with the bogie mods done and the headlights replaced. These are Replica items, drilled through with a 2mm drill and stuck to the shell with Plastic Weld once the original moulded lights were shaved off carefully.




It makes a massive difference to the appearance of the loco IMO, especially as the 'face' is one of the first things looked at and it's often really noticeable, although not always - it took me a while to work out why the Heljan Kestrel didn't look quite right, but that's something for another time....



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That does make a big visual difference doesn't it! Where can you get them from? I need one for my EWS 37/4 now!

Quick question about the window etched (which do look superb). How do you glaze them and get a flush appearance?

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I got mine direct from Replica/Railwayania at a show, but they do mail order and I'm fairly certain that Brian at Shawplan stocks them as well.


Brian sells laser cut flush glazing to fit the windscreen etches. The other way would be to cut the windscreens out of clear plastic, using the etch as a guide before it's fitted.



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