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Colas Class 47s



Thanks to the forum I recently aquired the Rail Express/vitrains class 47s in Colas Livery.

Im really pleased I treated myself to these locos - I've spent a week or so gradually adding all the bits , which is most enjoyable - I've added some extra pipework on the bufferbeam associated with the ETH gear - and changed a few detail parts for Heljan/Bachmann alternatives.

Vitrains have done a lovely job of these models - Demelza is finished - Rebecca is taking a bit longer - as it has a diffrent ETH arranagement which is a bit trick to model accurately due to the vitrains body/chassis design - but ill get there in the end.

A couple of quick pics of 749:








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Very nice indeed with all the details and dangly bits fitted. Especially in the second shot there's a great sense of mass - looks bigger than OO to be honest.

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Excellent detailing work Jon - Really like that 2nd shot - You just need that Laira depot to act as the backdrop to all these locos now! Pete

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