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First time for everything...........

Red Devil


... stumbled around for a while, think I may have got the gist of this blog thing, we'll see!


As some of you may have seen on the previous rm web, I'd decided to build a smallish 4mil tram layout, not being a great fan of the architypal 'run one from each town' tram layout I decided on the Leeds system, mainly due to the EFE and Corgi diecasts availability.


I'll not bother re iterating all the previous posts, but update it fom here. Well, with less than a month to go to Grime Streets fisrt exhibition a bit of blind panic is setting in! Most things are nearly done but there seems to be a list as long as my arm of things to do.


Presentation wise, nearl done, lighting rig and signboard are done, I'm just waiting on a real street sign in die pressed aluminium to mount on the facsia, ordered and hopefully here soon, should give a nice look to the overall thing, what could be better than a real street sign for Grime Street?


Mrs Red Devil has been busy with needle and cloth so the curtain/pelmety thing looks great, I'm currently trying to get her to embroider the Leeds city transport coat of arms onto it but she doesn't seem keen..........!


There is also a madrush to finish enough trams to operate an interesting sequence, I need at least eight cars, but would like to be able to swap some over, so numerous scratchbuilt/kitbashed and diecast trams are nearly ( that word again.....) finished. Latest one is anothe HR2 from some Tower trams E1 bits and a load fo plastruct, I was never happy with the HR2 I'd built from a Bec E1, it always looked a bit too chunky so hopefully it's replacement might do, it's either that or an etched kit for one, and I think I'd like to finish the Chris Cornell Pilcher before trying any more brass kits, that's going ok but a bit of a learning curve for me.


If you've got this far, the link back to the old RMweb is here




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