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Improving the Farish 08 - swift progress..




Well , this little project has gone a bit quicker than I expected - so much so - that I got stuck in forgot to take any photos -

I wasnt expecting to have it almost finished tonight

But heres the loco as it stands now - quite a transformation



cranks have been fitted closer in , new crank pins fitted and the rods popped on for a photo - Im rather pleased with it - I'll have to take it all apart again one more time to put the pickups in - so i can test it properly - so Ill take some close ups of the various modifications then. Most of the work is on the cranks- modified in order to fit them further along the extended axles, so they sit closer to the chassis frames . The crank pins are .75 Nickel silver wire - a thin slice of insulation from some fine wire will be pushed onto the pins to retain the rods. In the second photo you can see the Extended axles - on the outer two axles need a trim now - as they stick out - which shows how far in the cranks have been moved in

Ill post more comprehensive details next time







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wow, that is quick.. and well done for posting so quickly afterwards. I guess it's not early shift tomorrow then.


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Interesting.Does that mean the middle axle is shorter,or have you not pushed the middle crank in as far as the others?

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Goodafternoon - Yes the middle axle is a little shorter - checking the tips of the extended axles all three are slightly different lengths - The wheels were all set at different gauges too smile.gif - these have all been regauged to NMRA standards so theyre all the same . The new micrometer i picked up at Railex has come in very handy!





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