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Saltney, A local shop for local people!

Jon Fitness



Another loco has now joined the fleet in the form of an LMS compound 4-4-0. Steve is in the process of altering this chap from right to lefthand drive and has already moved the reversing rod and vac ejector. In the fullness of time this will eventually have coal rails fitted and be re-painted in BR lined black to represent one of the 6 or so that were shedded at Chester in the `50s.





On a more modern note, 58047 has emerged from hibernation to have a blast round with the MGR rake. Having not turned a wheel since last September it grumbled a little at first but soon got hold of those heavy Skytrex HAA’s and settled down to a steady 45mph. Very nice.





A small building, picked up cheap from a swapmeet is always a challenge for Steve. A little card built shop has been tucked in a small corner of the layout that seems to have become a breeding ground for little cameo scenes.


Along with Mousey’s Garage, (Mousey being Steve’s mechanic friend) it has been installed next to the line of terraced houses which gained the unfortunate name of Rillington Place.




It’s now “a local shop for local peopleâ€â€¦â€¦.sorry Steve!


Is that Tubbs and Edward on the steps?...................Next stop Royston Vasey!






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Hi Fellas,

I wish I could claim the MMP 58 was my work. Sadly it would be well beyond my capabilities! It was picked up 95% finished from ebay at £300 from a chap near Ludlow who'd made a splendid job on the construction.

It was then painted and completed by Peter Clark (Models) who did a fantastic job. One of my fave locos.


PS "Don't touch the precious things!!!!"laugh.gif

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