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Bruckless Junction update




Before I went off to Railex with Clinkerford, I did promise to put a few more pics on the blog when I got back. Unfortunately the ballast ordered eight weeks ago still hasn't arrived. I'm beginning to wonder if the supplier has ceased trading, as I am getting an answerphone and no replies to my emails, and they have banked my money! However, back to Bruckless. Dug around in my scrap box and found enough scenic material to make a start in one corner, amazing how much difference it makes, even if it is a little rudimentary. I also bought a static grass gizmo at Railex, so I have been playing with that. What is the best source for the static grass fibres, I have seen references to various lengths and colours but can't find much in my web searches. Also no one seems to sell it in 'bulk'. The yard lights arrived last week so they have now been installed. Today I have been putting a few more sidings in the fiddle yard, modifying some strange hybrid turnouts that seemed to be a cross between electrofrog (which is what it said on the box) and insulfrog. but almost certainly guaranteed to cause a dead short without modification! Tomorrow I should hopefully get the extra tortoises fitted and the whole lot wired up. Then Wednesday it's back to the 'day job' at the local railway museum where I have just started building a 5.5mm/foot model of Killybegs station. Perhaps I'll do a bit of a blog on that. Watch this space!



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great pictures but I like the penultimate the best.


Many thanks. I guess this is the area that is closest to being finished!

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Spot the difference with your picture on your last entry and this. Which is real? Have been trying for the last hour and more to move the photo to here with no success. Tried last night to add photos to another blog and even a reply to mine but it appears to be impossible. Anyway one photo was taken at Washfordheath. Exellent modelling.


Many thanks. There's certainly an amazing similarity between the two shots, particularly if you were to take out the 'Brit' on the model!

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