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Test fitting the bodywork and other fiddling




Well, now the chassis is basically powered and on it's drivers the time has come to think about all the bits that will fit to it!


Firstly the front bogie has been assembled and a mounting fabricated from scrap Kemilway etch (you can still see the "KEM")




Must get that nut soldered back on for the weighshaft/motion support bracket!


The boiler lower has been trimmed up and placed on the chassis.




As the lower will need to be fitted to the chassis before the bodywork I think I'll add another fixing point to the chassis and use the screw hole in the lower towards the cylinder end to hold it in place.


Note there are a few odd slots etc in the lower to fill and I'll have to make a cut slot where the weighshaft/motion support bracket fits.


Still, it's coming together slowly :D



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