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Exhibitions etc

Tim V



I did a count and realised that last year all I did was go to exhibitions! It was about 14, not counting the ones I was appearing/working in. I need to get out more often!


I've cut it down to six for this year, and I'm getting out and about.


I've even got interested in canals, a fascinating period in history. Do you realise that there is a chance that the canal network could be fully restored, while there is little possibility that railways will be restored to their former glory.



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In the current financial climate, I doubt if there'll be much expansion of the canal network in the next few years, however beneficial it may be.


As for 14 plus exhibitions, how on earth do you find that mant decent ones to attend?

My list for 2010 is something like:

Leamington (local)

Scalefour North

Derby - one off visit helping on Amlwch


Scalefour AGM - exceptional visit so I could see Barrow Road


Warley NEC


So that's 5 regulars plus 2 one-offs, still well short of 14 and leaving plenty of time for helping restore 35006 and visiting Ffestiniog/Welsh Highland Railways and monitoring progress with Lyd (replica Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2 tank being built at Boston Lodge by FR).


Happy canalling (is that a verb?)!



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Did I say "decent"!


They weren't bad shows, a lot were quite good but I've decided to get out to see railways and canals, and I've ended up with a list that looks like:








I omitted Railex, as it was very close to ExpoEM, and I haven't included the S4 AGM as I was working there!


Have you seen they are converting the Gloucester - Ledbury line back into a canal!

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Errm, I'm keeping quiet. Just the 10 shows this year. blink.gif

Fewer next year, I've got other layouts to build!

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Yes Andrew I know about your ten shows with your layout, but what about the ones you went to as a punter!

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Have you seen they are converting the Gloucester - Ledbury line back into a canal!

Incredible! Didn't even realise it was a canal before it became a railway...


What about the SCC, though?

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