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A Little Light Relief




Much has happened since I got made redundant a fortnight ago. Although searching for a new career is a priority, I have managed to get quite a bit done in the last fortnight.


Some relief has appeared on the terminus side of the station, and along the back scene, I have also managed to finish the inset rails. Awaiting to see how my finances go before the station buildings start to appear, but the space has been made ready for it. Photos of work so far below.


As usual any comments or critism, highly welcome.


Cheers for now.


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Sorry to hear about the job, Wollaston. I got made redundant 18 months ago and it took me six months to find a new job, hopefully your search won't be so long.


Modelling kept me sane ( well watching daytime television wasn't going to do it) and I got quite a bit done on the layout. Only shame was that when I found a new job it was over a hundred miles away from my old home and so I had to dismantle it all. Hope you find something closer to home.


Rovex good_mini.gif

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