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What a difference a day makes!




Some strange goings on have been happening today. Things such as walking past an aisle in a shop and something flying off the shelf without anyone there. Another strange thing has been this:


The egg(ish) shaped layout works out at 4ft x 3ft

It may not be what you expected (or I!), but this is the start of the construction of Calshot -MkII.

It's a kind of egg-shaped layout (I like to be different, and it shows!) but I'm yet to decided what will go where yet, although I do have a vague idea.


This Catalina should give a sense of scale

To be honest, I was fed up of all this planning malarkey so I decided to risk it and ask dad to cut out a bit of 9mm ply with a rough sketch of a shape I thought up last night (!). The old layout is being dismantled, the pelmet and backscene are already off, as is half of the beach as I tried to carry the whole thing downstairs on my own (all 6ft of it).


If anyone has a bright idea, let me know as it may influence my design.


New Features:

. Layout curtain with Velcro for ease of fastening

. Ply trackbed

. NO polyfilla, DAS clay will be used instead


And one bizarre one.. (still in the idea stage)

. Temporary backscene that can be moved round to a different part of the layout for a different view.


If anyone would like my initial ideas for the layout I'll try and put a sketch up. I'm hoping the baseboard will be built in one week.



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Love that idea to have a detachable backscene to allow viewing to be changed around!

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Thanks Peter. I'm still working out the logistics, but perhaps a slot all the way round the layout would work - like a lip and groove for the backscene to slot into.


I'll get some sketches up (I've done two so far, plus those from earlier) to help visualise the layout.

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It is an attractive/interesting shape Jam, but isn't it going to be very difficult to make a frame for it? If the frame doesn't come up to the edge, isn't it likely that the overhanging ply is going to get damaged?

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Thanks Don, I am likely to be going for an open frame design - the ply top you can see here will be cut where there is a lower area - i.e. sea and this will be dropped lower than the top section. The ply top will rest on uprisers, and a fascia board will be added to prevent damage. I'll put a drawing up in my next blog post to explain. smile.gif


I've nearly settled on a plan, but first I need to do a full size mock up on the ply.

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