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Napier nonsense: how to justify the unjustifiable



For completeness, the ScR Deltics can't really be missed out. You'd be expecting something very generic at this point, basically saying that if there was a Scottish regiment bolted to the side there'd be a 64B stencil on the nose. And you'd be wrong.


These eight were Haymarket's usual stable:














However, during October - December '67 it looked like this:











And from January - April '68 9012 swapped vice 9013


These balancing transfers were effected whilst the dual-braking programme of the Deltic fleet as a whole was completed. The Scottish eight were back at 64B in time for the commencement of the May '68 new timetable.


Like a certain Johnny-come-lately VF Type 4, the Deltics had a role in the Waverley Route's supporting cast. Never normally diagrammed over the line, other than for diversions and excursions, they did provide occasional superpower on the 0400 Edinburgh - Hawick and 0658 return, as in this delicious detail conflated from sources including the fantastic Napier Chronicles site.


23rd December '66: D9010 was released from Doncaster with full yellow ends applied to its 2-tone green. The loco also received double-arrows. Probably working over the whole line during diversions occasioned by DP2's untimely demise in July '67, the uniquely decorated Type 5 celebrated the first birthday of its full yellow ends being allocated by Edinburgh control on the 0400 Class 2 to Hawick and the 0658 return commute working. What an incredible early Christmas present!


The Deltics were by no means signature Waverley Route traction, however, they are now embedded in its lore.

They have attained iconic celebrity status in the line's context, by association with numerous episodes of East Coast diversions, the final weekend's specials and, for devotees, the Control fixes which would see the Borders awake to twin plumes of blue smoke and a half-remembered marine hummmmm...

Having already acquired and sold-on a blue THE BLACK WATCH as not quite right for Teviotbank, it is every bit my intention to commemorate the Deltics with a tokenistic D9010 in its unique transition livery.



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Teribus ye teri odin!

Warley was a great show, few beers with our guitarist, a lingering look at some superb and inspiring layouts, many laughs and the Bachmann stand. Well, what can I say?


This: TTGSYP D9007 without sound chip - £45.00, that's what. She's posing about on Teviotbank at the moment, awaiting workbench attention to become D9010 TTGFYE with double arrows, in time for a recreation of that legendary 0658, 42 years on, in a little over three weeks.

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What a fabulous mine of information this is. I knew D9010 got the two tone green with double arrows, but I had no idea it was unique amongst the deltics in that respect.

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Hehehehehe! Cheers mate! When I've read your tips on restructuring this sprawling nonsense of mine, you should be able to drill-down into the nuggets that much easier!


D9010 is a Waverley Route legend, amongst an army of would-be legends!

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