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Barrel for Ystad




"When" Ystad is finally up and running, the locos and railcars will require the care and attention of the small loco shed situated near to the yard and station to help keep things in running order, and to counteract the harsh Swedish environment. This is some way off as although rolling stock construction continues, initial track plans haven't even touched paper.


However, returning from my hols I'd managed to pick up some dirt cheap Tamiya 1/35 Oil Drums/Barrels for the princely sum of £2... ideal for the shed. So last night I set to work having a bash with the drums. Not content with the moulded dented barrel, I thought that it needed a bit more abuse and set about creating some rust holes. I can see this one being stuck round the corner of the shed forgotten about and clearly lacking any content.




By scraping through the plastic with a scalpel until the plastic is thin to the point its translucent, a gentle poke with the blade from the rear created the pushed out rusted panel look.


Once the damage had been done, assembly is completed in a matter of minutes and a coat of red oxide primer was used to start of the painting process.


Once dry, a mix of brown and reds were mixed randomly on a pallet and stippled into place to create the base rusty colour surface texture. A very light dry brush of Gun Metal Humbrol Metalcote provides a very gentle metallic sheen.


Once dry, Maskol was applied using a dead paintbrush and stippled all over. Again, once dry the top coat paint (Halfords Ford Red) was applied. Once this had dried "tacky" I attacked the paint with parcel tape and not standing on ceremony, used this vigorously remove any Maskol and pull off any remaining wet paint.


Once all dried, a gentle wash of MIG Rust mix and MIG Light Rust powder over small areas to finish. I think a light coat of Europe Dust is required once located to blend into its surroundings.


Total about 2hrs work tops.


Happy to do a illustrated "how to" if anyone is interested?


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I love the idea of this project. I'm modelling a fictitious Danish private railway in P87, and many of the stations were inherently simple but oozing with atmosphere.


Talking of railcars, I have a book here on the 'Skinnebus' railcars, which had their origin in Sweden and were further developed by Frichs in Denmark. There are useful drawings at 1:87 scale, including the units for the metre gauge lines on Bornholm (near enough to Ystad!).


Please contact me if these would be useful.




Geraint Hughes

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