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High Level RSH 'Husky' - Cab frame.




I started this one at the Derby Members Day. I didn't get too far, people kept talking to me! (It was nice to finally put names to faces).

Its a High Level 4mm scale kit for a Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns 'Husky' diesel loco, introduced in 1956. Ten were built before production ceased in 1966.

The kit comprises of an etched nickel silver chassis, an etched brass body and a bag of lost wax castings. Power is from a Mashima 1220. The kit is complete with a dedicated 108:1 gearbox. Instructions run to 11 sides of A4 including a parts list and 3 pages of drawings. The kit uses tab and slot construction which is something I've not seen before.

The kit is designed for Sharman wheels running on 2mm axles, which appear to be no longer available. However I've been offered some custom turned wheels for it.

So far I've only assembled the cab frame, which is comprised of two pieces. The floor is one part and the front, back, sides and false roof bend up and fit into slots in the floor. A pic;




The next step is to fit the handbrake onto the cab rear then solder the outer etched skins in place.


I'm intend going into some detail about this build as I'm sure that theres plenty of interest in High Level products. But let me know if you get bored!





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