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Bruckless Depot fenced in




Finally got around to making up nearly 2 metres of PH Designs 3 point security fencing that encloses the diesel depot at the front of the layout. After making up the first etch, I abandoned the etched supports to the posts and reinforced both posts and rails with 0.6mm nickel silver wire. This gives a really strong structure that doesn't wave about all over the place. I made up 400mm lengths on the workbench, which were then sprayed, weathered and glued into holes drilled in the baseboard with 5 minute epoxy. As each new length was fixed in place, the rails were soldered to the previous length. I then added a bit of undergrowth along the base to finish it off.





I also built a mobile inspection platform from PHD, which can just be seen inside the shed in the pic below. This was very fiddly and I surprised myself by using a soldering iron instead of the RSU I normally use for stuff this fine. I have to say, that since starting to use Powerflow flux, I think my 'traditional soldering' has come on leaps and bounds.






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