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NGT6 1315



...was where I went today. There really were not too many interesting things to be seen, considering it was Sunday. However, there are two items I would like to show you...





There is a small B-coupled Deutz shunter stabled and fenced in at Riedstadt-Goddelau Station - I am not sure whom it once belonged to, though.






At Frankfurt Airport I then snapped IC 2875 - which is a replacement service for ICE 577 - on its way from Hamburg-Altona to Stuttgart Central Station, powered by 101 126 and 101 009 in a front-and-back lashup and consisting of eleven coaches. This train first reverses direction at Frankfurt Central Station, and then again at the airport - which I should add actually has two separate stations. Suburban and regional services call at Regional Station, which is below ground and has three tracks, while ICE and IC services (including those along the Cologne - Rhine-Main HSL) call at Mainline Station, which is offset from Regional Station by perhaps 200 to 300 metres to the north and has four tracks. However, one pair of ICE services per day do call at Regional Station - these being ICE 609 from Kiel to Basle at 2:05 am and its opposite service ICE 608 at 3:46 am.


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Whoever it belongs to, that Deutz looks like it's been there for some time. Strange that it's been fenced off.

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