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Southeast Steam Railway - Almost there!

St. Simon





Now that I have finished School for the summer Holidays (yay!) I can now focus my attention on the SESR and the new extension for Hythe. One of the big jobs that stood between me and finishing the SESR was ballasting down the middle of the track. With only a few days between end of term and going on holiday to Wales for a week, I decided to complete that big job. By yesterday morning I had finished ballasting the main running lines!


I was never happy with the grass I had laid between the tracks between the station and engine shed, so i decided to lay ballast over the top of the grass, and now it looks like this:




I think it looks better now and I am much happier about it. I think I will put a lamp hut or something at the end of the platform to make it look less bare.


In other newsI finished detailing the Carriage & Wagon Restoration centre and it is now in position on the layout (albeit not stuck down):




The Colours maybe familiar to those that were following my Work Experience blog (they are same as Chilterns Depot at Aylesbury). They building is stuck down because I haven't got the maintainence platform stuck down, which I can't do until I have got some of the Bachmann Lifting jacks.


Now all I have to do is get some lights fitted to the station building (i'm detailing it at the moment) and waiting room, then get a lamp hut and coach body to put in area between the C&WRC and the carriage sidings as well as ballasting the goods yard.


Comments Welcome!





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Looking good simon i can see ya putting effort in just incase dan and I invade wink.gif


Hi Matt,


Yes I am, I'm on Holiday this week, but I'll be doing abit more on it then you and Dan can come over! (but I will be concentrating more on Hythe!)



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