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A repaint




Having discovered that my brickwork should have been white, I got my spray can out and whited out the brickwork again. Once completely dried I gave this a wash over with diluted black enamel, varying the mix so as not to give a variation in colour. Areas were washed down with more white spirit (like the front of the columns) to add greater variety.


Have also started building both attic pavilions. The arched heads were done with a 10 mm flat drill to make sure there were equal. Ordinary drill bits just chewed up the plastic - very infuriating.


Tell me what you think of the paintwork









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I grew up with an architect for a dad and he made some beautiful building models, as did my grandfather and I don't think I have seen anything as astonishing as the work on your blog. Quite amazing

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The dirt adds a lot of depth to the building and certainly echos the pictures of steam era weathered grand buildings. Although its more accurate like this I think it looks better now than in the red anyway.

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Very nice Rovex, that's certainly a very real-world white smile.gif


I especially like the effect on the columns.

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