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James Hilton



I've been messing around with my new photo plank, testing out scenic techniques for my P4 layout, Meadow Lane.


I'm pretty happy with the undergrowth now, and it's just the track that needs a little weathering, and the edges of the board painting white.




I have built up the grass using a layering technique I read about in Model Rail Journal a while ago... basically down goes Woodland Scenics 'Scenic cement' on to which Woodland Scenics fine turn is sprinkled until saturated - I used 'yellow grass' first, with a dusting of 'burnt grass' over the top. I then spray over some hairspray and add Woodland Scenics coarse turf 'burnt grass' randomly - and press this down a little. Once this base layer is finished I use Mini-natur static grass applied with a puffer bottle. Here I've used 'early fall, short fibres' - first off I apply a layer all over just by shaking the bottle. This is sealed with hairspray before adding another layer in the same way. Once there is a good covering I add denser patches by s queezing the puffer bottle. Once I'm happy with the finish I seal with a final spray of hairspray.


So a few years on from my first shots and 33019 is withdrawn sat up in Motherwell and 33108 is in the yard which looks a lot quieter and more abandoned. Time marches on...






I'm pretty pleased - and expect to see all my OO project photographed on this board from now on :) Job done!



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Nice work James - a neat project and it looks like you had some enjoyment doing it.


I guess if you buy an HST or a Voyager, it will require a little extension project though!

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I like the look of the grass, Id say spot on, sometimes grass can end up being way too long and this isnt !

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James, as already said above... well done. The grass now looks very neat.. and thanks for explaining the process that I'll try to emulate too.


Come on Pete... who ever manages to photograph a whole HST or voyager in close uplaugh.gif . At York this week, even looking over to Platform 5 on the curve, all you can really get is the driving car and a couple of coaches... or a long shot that's not really worth the bother.

Looking forward to seeing other stock on Paxton Yd soon James... hope to post with mine once the ballast is down.wink.gif

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I think the colours are fantastic, especially in that last picture. What does it look like in evening sunlight?

Possibly you could add a couple of small hero plants or other details in the foreground, although that might be distracting from the stock. Not sure...





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I wonder - perhaps some bhudlia between the front track and the yard sidings, that way in wouldn't get in the way of photos but would add to the depth :) Thanks guys...


Any tips for bhudlia... anyone? :)

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Come on Pete... who ever manages to photograph a whole HST or voyager in close uplaugh.gif


Jon - My post was really in need of a 'tounge in cheek' smiley!


Am sure that James took it in the spirit intended, as after all, if it was extended for an HST, it would surely be longer than Paxton Road and (if anything like my household) he would be under close scrutiny of "another potential layout in construction"...sounds familiar? :P

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