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Front and Back plus a stock wish list!

SNCF stephen



Today I made some progress with the front and back sections of the baseboards. The back is bolted into place at the moment which will allow easier access to the electrics and for mounting the printed backscene when that is ready. I am starting to consider the fiddle yard/storage cassettes options now. I am currently thinking of having storage cassettes that are 2 feet in length. Is this enough?


Anyway here are some pictures of todays work:










I have started considering what rolling stock I might need so far the list is:

X3900 Picasso railcar - Will be modified from the spare Del Prado railcar I have, it will need some work done to the body and a repaint!

X73000 Bombardier Railcar - These form the mainstay of the passenger operations on the line currently. They are available from Mikadotrain and I believe Arnold is producing one shortly.

TU65 Draisine - This will have to be scratchbuilt, I am looking at various chassis options at the moment.

66000 Locomotive - This will complement the one I already have, not certain on which livery to get at the moment?

68000 Locomotive - Mabar are producing this locomotive and it would provide more variety to the haulage of freight traffic on the line.


I am also after a steam locomotive to replace the two Fleischmann ones that I currently have. They are just not reliable enough on Neuvic Entier to warrent them being kept in my fleet.



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