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Work, Glorious Work!




Evening smile.gif


This weekend has been extremely productive in terms of club activity as the decision was taken to hire a local village hall and pack both layouts over for a blitz session. Both Weyford and Yamanouchi Oshika benefitted from some serious and sustained attention. It was also great practice in breaking down, transporting and re-erecting the layouts.


We certainly had a lot of room to play with, as can be seen in this picture. Weyford is obviously in the foreground, with Yamanouchi Oshika at the back.




The biggest change will be for Weyford. Here a whole new scenic section is being added, which will include an improved town, esplanade, coach park, cliffs and flying boat terminal. These additions are unable to be added in our club room as it's too small, so this is a chance for fitting and measuring to take place.




For Yamanouchi Oshika there have been two main changes. Firstly the removal of the tram depot and embankment. This has now made was for the station car park, a petrol station and some industrial units - just like the real thing!


First is the overall view before the hacking took place!




The new area more or less complete...




In addition, the backscene has also been modified...basically increased in height and a section moved back by the town area to give us some more space to play with... This change can be seen in the right-hand background of this picture...




Still a way to go, but certainly an excercise well worth repeating!



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Good to see some progress!

Have you got a plan drawn up of what Weyford will look like?


Not as yet... Hopefully our resident architect can supply something in the not too distant future...

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