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August is here, as is another entry




My latest two commissions are with a very satisfied client (he took one of them down the pub to show his mates!!)


Before she departed I took some hi-res pictures of rebuilt Merchant Navy 35030 Elder Dempster Lines.






Before I start on this months pair (34064 Fighter Command and 35015 Rotterdam Lloyd), I've got Schools 30914 Eastbourne to complete (waiting on shedcode plate (75B Redhill) from Fox Transfers and cabside number transfers from Modelmaster). I've also acquired another Schools which will become 30919 Harrow. That's to add to a Lord Nelson and Q1 both of which are to have new identities (not saying what at the moment :P)


Plus my client wants me to do 35003 Royal Mail for him with a 5,250 gl tender. I've got the tender top, he's going to source me a donor loco.


This all means I'm pretty busy, but doesn't mean I haven't found time to recommence work on the BBL, it's now grown by another baseboard and track has been laid and yes one of the Twins has been out testing it.. for those who don't know I have both FIA Trains LMS Twins 10000 & 10001.


I've started installing point motors - two today, need to acquire 3 more plus the switches to finish the motorisation of the BBL part of the layout. I'm coming to the complicated part where I need to make removeable section which will enable access to part of the loft.


Also at some point I'm going to have to do a bit of camera trickery and take a panoramic shot of the layout as it stands.



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