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Some more festival pics and a little modelling update...

Red Devil



Contrary to the previous pics 'Grime Street' wasn't the only layout at the Festival of..., Paul kindly sent over a few pics of some of the other layouts




Sealane Sunderland trams in 7mm




Sealane Sunderland 48




Greg Marsden's superb Stockport 20, 3/4" scale




Stocport Water Car by Greg Marsden again.




Pete Whiteley's illuminated Blackpool Western Train




illuminated Hovertram




Foxwood Park by Gordon Bulmer as in RM recently.


Video showing quite a few in action




So, what else has been happening ?


As mentioned in the previous entry, I've finally got an ABS Leeds works car 6 kit, this being the ex Hull car that led a bit of a charmed life and ended up preserved in Heaton Park, Manchester.




I've always found the ABS kits to be really well cast and very easy to build, this is what you get in the box




Short while later, we have this




First coat of primer, I've not attached the platforms yet as I'll paint them first and it also makes glazing the front windows easier.


Work has also started on 601, This is the Tramalan kit and is a fair old weight of white metal!




I'd also started on Leeds Tower Car 2, also known as 'double cab'




I'd got on with it to a reasonable stage, but needed some more info so had a field trip to Crich to get some more info and discovered that the drawing that I was working from was wrong, ho hum, start again. The chassis for this one is another Halling unit, it's quite unusual in it's design having an upright motor (with a balance weight) gear drive to both axles, ideal for this one, wheelbase is 21.7 mm with 10mm wheels on 1.5mm axles







Other than that I've been looking through the Modelmaster and Fox ranges for appropriate side adverts, Hopefully there may be some Leeds specific ones (Melbourne Ales, Mathers, Tetley's, Hammonds etc) in the near future, managed to find one or two, always nice to add a bit of idividuality to your fleet!














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I'm impressed, as ever with the range of vehicles you're producing and at a fair pace, too. Gives me inspiration and a distant hope of doing some actual modelling for myself, one day, rather than dealing with life and work [with the occasional sanity break for some planning, design and contemplation of achievements so far].


Glad I'm not the only person who stumbles across drawing inconsistencies in the course of tram [and other] modelling!


Nice to see a close view of a Tramalan 601/602 - haven't seen the detail of one before. 2-3 years ago I started some work on a test Worsley etch of a shell for these - made quite good progress in construction before life intervened - and it's really just the end domes where there are still some problems to solve. They are such characteristic features, can't afford not to get these right.


Good luck on your continuing work.

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