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All Change at Mattington...again. Converting to double track




As well as the station rebuild I have decided to add a second running line using the existing trackplan as far as possible. I wanted to keep the running line working as I prefer to watch a train going round while I am working on the railway.


As well as putting a second track in I am installing new electrofrog points to try resolve the shortcircuiting problem I have been having with DCC. The Peco PL15's are very useful for this task.


I also wanted to bring back the point motor operation and LED route light indicators on a new control panel. So far I have made the panel, worked out the direction of wiring paths by installing trunking etc and installed my one and only DPDT switch.


Altering the station has enabled me to drive another hole in the end of baseboard end wall and I put a second bridge in allowing the track in road 1 to exit the scenic baseboard at one end.


The baseboards at both ends required modifying as I was not expecting to convert to double track quite so soon. While the board at the left end is effectively non-scenic, the board at the right end will be an extension of the scenic section and one of the sidings will also eventually continue onto this board.


I have worked out the location of the points that are to go in and chopped out a few holes. All that is required now is a lot of wiring up & soldering of about 150 nodes - oh joyous fun :( luckily only half of them are under the board with limited head room.



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