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Floods in Saxony, Brandenburg, Poland and the Czech Republic

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Well, I believe most of you will have heard about the floods which are currently sweeping the eastern parts of the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony, as well as adjacent areas in Poland and the Czech Republic. At least eleven people have been killed thus far and some 1,400 had to be evacuated from their homes in Germany alone. Transport in the area is, of course, affected as well, with the Elbe Valley Railway having been closed between 7 and 8 August. I also read about the Bombardier light rail assembly plant at Bautzen having been flooded, halting production for the time being.


Photo strip on Spiegel Online


My deepest sympathies go to the people of the region :( .



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By bizarre coincidence I was just reading about the 2002 floods. I'm not up to date with the news, but a quick glance suggests these are even worse than 2002 or 2006. Three sets of major floods in eight years... I really feel for the people living in these areas, they're surely barely over the last lot.

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Yes, indeed - it must be particularly devastating when you only just repaired the damage from the last flood :unsure: .

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