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Help Needed With Broken Buffers.

scots region



Hi all, wouldn't you now it, SNAFU, as part of my shunter upgrade I planned to replace the molded plastic buffers:


as exhibited here:




I plan to replace them with brass buffers generously provided by a fellow modeller:




this left a rather convenient mount:








this is were the rear right hand buffer mount should be, it was broken off in an accident and has since disappeared, even more incensing, the replacements are a near perfect fit. so any help in how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.



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A slightly radical solution...

It would appear looking at the photos that the buffer bases help clip the body in place.

I would be tempted to remove all of them and find a different way of fixing the body in place.

Then I would use plasticard to fill in the end of the bufferbeam flush (it would be easier to make the cut out in the b/b square first rather than cut out an odd shape in plasticard) and mount the buffers to the bufferbeam rather than the chassis. A bit of filler should disguise the join. This is what George Dent did with his, although in his article he didn't remove the buffer bases but the ends of the chassis.



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One more thing, if your thinking of wasp stripes (not that difficult with transfers, patience and perseverence win the day) don't fit your buffers until after they're done and varnished as buffers tend to get in the way...



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