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60014: Underframe

Will Vale



I made a start on the underframe today. The more I look at detail pictures, the more I marvel at Hornby's tooling - there's really nothing missing.




The first step, as seen above, was to paint the entire underframe with Tamiya Nato Black, which is a useful not-quite black and has a very flat finish which should help the powders stick. It also means that because my finish is based on an out of the bottle colour, it's easy to paint out mistakes.


Then I went looking for pictures - I found some shots of 60014 in 2006 looking generally tidy, with nice shiny beastie stickers and what appears to be a recently replaced or renewed piece of underframe equipment - one of the whatever-they-ares that look like generators is a much lighter grey than in later images. So my aim is something like this picture by Rob Reedman (for colour reference only since it seems to have been badly downsampled?)


With the black out of the way, I spent a couple of hours this afternoon touching in details - please forgive me if I get the names wrong or don't even attempt them! The main bits were the cylindrical items by the outer wheel bearings and what look like lift/lashing hooks (but probably aren't) on the bogies. On the "generator", I added a warning sticker, and a dot of red for the plug, and in the tanks area some handwheels, and what look like green electrical cutout switches. I was hoping to refer to Brian Daniel's reference gallery, but most of the images won't load for me at the moment, hopefully they'll be back soon :)






I've also lightly drybrushed the bogie frames and various corners with Vallejo Brown Leather, which is the same colour I used on my wagon underframes - I'm hoping this will provide some kind of visual continuity despite the 60 underframes looking more grey/black than brown. It all looks a bit stark and messy at the moment, but I think a gentle application of powders will bring things together. The big missing thing at the moment is that the bogie frames appear to collect quite a lot of matt brown stuff (brake dust?) on 60's, I'm thinking powders will represent this well.


Here's the other side:





One question in particular I could really do with some help with - what colour is the fine pipework on the bogies when it's new? It catches the light in pictures, particularly where the pipes curve up and disappear behind the top of the frames, but I can't pin down whether it should be shiny metal, or a flat light colour (white?).



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Different pipes are different colours depending on what they're for, white, blue and orange seem common. I guess your best bet is to find a pic of an ex-works 60 and work from there. Also, I think the recently replaced undergubbin is probably a compressor.

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Looking good Will.... S'funny, never really saw any of these locos until a couple of weeks ago... and can now understand the appeal completely. Looking forward to seeing the next stages.

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Luvverly jubbley Will, can't beat a good 60 laugh.gif

I loved the cab interior work you did, and if the wagons are anything to go by, Tug 14 will look great!

The pale grey part on the underframe is the compressor by the way, and those on the bogies are the dampers. Refurbished compressors are quite common sight, often on one side only. As Rich says, pipework is painted white



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Quite interesting - looks like it has a silver cab door in this photo: http://iandelgado.fotopic.net/p28265621.html



judging by this photo and James's photo it seems that 60006 and 60014 must have swapped doors at some point during their careers




most likely 014 was broken into hence the smashed glass and EWS acquired a new door from fire damaged 60006 as a direct replacement then boarded up 014's old door and re-fitted it to stored 006

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, all! I think I agree about the brown wash, the light parts are a bit too strong at the moment, and they do seem to weather to a very flat colour eventually.


Doing the door would be interesting if I can get it out to paint it, but I'm not sure how long it lasted as silver. It's funny, I'd looked at that picture at Ely before but I didn't spot it wasn't black! On a like note I'm quite pleased no-one has pointed out that 60014 got some mismatched buffers, possibly in the same refit - also visible in that picture. I'm not going to do that immediately but might come back to it post-Railex.

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Hi Will Vale,


I have to confess that I don’t visit the blogs section that often, should really look at it a lot more! I was looking at your wagon weathering and have to say good work Sir, great weathering.


Excellent work on 014, she is looking really good. As already mentioned said beast does indeed have the Corus silver door off of 006 and the latter has a black door!


I am sure that you have already noticed 014 has an oval buffer at one end as well as an EWS maroon wiper plate!


The bogie pipes are predominantly white but with some brown too on one bogie.


If you look at this photo of 040 you can see the brown pipe work:




If you have a spare moment here are some photos of my model 014:



















Will definitely be following your blog from now on!

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Thanks Grimley! I'd spotted the buffer (and chosen to ignore it for now - I don't have a suitable replacement) but not the wiper plate. I went back and sure enough, it's in the pictures I have - amazing how these details fade into the picture sometimes.


I've admired your 60s before, thanks for posting the pictures - the last one is extremely realistic. Be interesting to see how they compare when I get mine done.

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