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Wetlands Light Railway - more progress...



Currently, I'm sorting out the loco fleet which now comprises of four locos pictured below:

Front left: 'Mordred' - A Pepper7 Centre Cab Diesel 9mm gauge, the design based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railways home built internal combustion locos. Built in the 1920's these locos featured Lanchester or Model T Ford engines.

It is fitted with the recommended N gauge Bachmann Brill Trolley.

Pepper7 can be found at www.pepper7.co.uk

Front Right: 4 wheel diesel, based on a prototype loco (which might have been a Ruhrtaler) which ran on the Senussi Cave Railway in Libya during WW2, with a modified cab. It runs on a Kato chassis.


Rear: Two Avalon Freelance diesels with their cabs removed, both at present running on Dapol 0-4-2T chassis. They still need a lot more fettling/detailing.


Must now concentrate on the goods wagons/coaching stock...


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