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Fixing paint problems

The Fatadder



This time last year I sprayed up a detailed Bachmann Class 37 into DRS Blue, unfortunately at the time the masking ripped off some large chunks of paint on one side ruining the finish. While ideally I;d have stripped the model back and started again, the fineness of some of the etched detail would almost certainly be wrecked.


Instead I am trying to fix the defects. Having read about a method for fixing stone chips in automotive paint where you basically fill the chip with lacquer before sanding down with fine wet & dry to get a flush finish (before polishing to get the finish back) I figured the same approach should sort the 37's paint.


I added a coat of blue quite thick allowing the paint (non thinned) to run off the brush and flood the 'chip' and then left to dry. On two of the 4 defects this appears to have completely filled the chip, while the other 2 will require a further application of paint. Once this is fully dried on Monday, I will then sand back to get a flush finish (careful not to go through to the primer.) My hope is that once this is finished a coat of satin varnish should work the same as the polish on the car, and blend the sanded areas finish in with the rest.


At least thats the plan...

If that fails, at least the finish will be smooth, so it should be ok to just spray on a fine dusting of DRS blue over the whole side to get a consistent colour. The worry now is that I have to mask the loco again in order to paint the black roof, very worried that its going to cause more damage when I do.....





Another little bit of modelling for the evening has seen the Intercity livery removed from what will become my GWT Class 47 ready for priming tomorrow and hopefully (if the weather holds...) a coat of GWT Green on Monday...



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Normally when I mask for spraying I run a line of 6mm Tamiya on the edge, then block in with paper and low tack duck inch & a half. Looking at it this evening planning where masking will be required when I spray it tomorrow, I think that the problem might have been that the paint ran on one side rather than masking damage.


My repair has worked very well, while you can still see the marks where work was carried out (I haven't been able to varnish it yet due to yet another full can of Railmatch aerosol having the nozzle block up despite being almost full and practically new!) Brush painting would not help, as you would still require masking to get the straight lines on the edges.


My current plan is to mask and spray the black tomorrow (assuming that the black aerosol hasnt blocked up as well...) then repair any masking damage before spraying a light dusting of DRS blue on Thursday. I was hoping to have the finished loco ready to have something a bit different at Scaleforum, but I wont have a chance to do the transfers in time.

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