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Work Continues




More activity took place on Friday night on the layouts.


For Yamanouchi Oshika, more of the platform canopies referred to in the previous entry were obtained and placed into position. They won't be fixed for a while as there is still much to do around them. What was striking was how much they improved the overall look of the station.



In the 00 corner, work is still progressing on Weyford. Here attention is being centred on the docks, with the platform canopies and various other structures under construction. The Scalescenes concrete road proved to be very effective in N gauge, so much so some 00 printouts have been obtained and will be put down in the docks over the next couple of weeks.


Need to keep pressing on...only a couple of months until the club open day!


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Its looking good. I always like the Japanese N gauge stuff, it makes modelling urban areas a lot easier and it is so smart. However I must keep focussed on my current project otherwise I will be starting yet another layout...


Mind you I do need to find a place to run my two Modemo trams.



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