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7 down... 12 to go!




OK.. so.. will post some pictures later tonight, but I've got the following chipped:


Bachmann 0-8-0 G2A 'Super D'

Bachmann Cl 24

Bachmann 2-6-2t small prarie

Hornby Cl 121 bubble car

Hornby Cl 29 sad eyes

Mainline 0-6-2t (split chassis) 'taffy tank'


I have to say, the split was not as difficult as it seemed at first, other than having to effectivly dismantle the entire loco. I was able to connect the decoder without any solder! I used existing screws on both the motor and the chassis to connect the leads, and I have to say, she runs better (thanks to the BackEMF) than she did on DC!


Even thought I don't want to take it apart again, I would be more than willing to do so if anyone is interested in seeing how I did this!


Anyone have any practical suggestions on how to get the bodies off the Bachmann 411? I've been fighting with it for days, and all I've managed to accomplish is snapping a part off the under carriage! Thankfully, it can be easily gluedback on!



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