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Lazy hazy afternoons...

James Hilton


You know it was one of those lazy afternoons - the sun gently warming and the light pleasantly hazy... the gentle rumble of the EE 350hp unit thrumming away letting you know that despite appearances some movement was afoot.


09007 is a modified Bachmann model. I've made some good progress on Paxton Road in the last fortnight but until the forum thumbnail issue is sorted I'll point you in the direction of my blogger blog for your image fix! I've taken a few of the new fence and the groundworks.


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I failed to click on the blog link when you posted it - silly me. I really like the second image, the 08 plus two long vans makes for an oddly satisfying train with a good sense of bulk.

I know you mentioned you'd been putting off the overbridge for a while, but what's there so far looks good - like the brick retaining wall plus earth bank combination. I suspect you might need to raise the bank a bit so it comes up to the road level? Or is it a footbridge?



[posted here since I couldn't get Blogger to accept my comment]



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Thanks, yes one of my favourites from that layout. Unfortunately the layout has since even skipped although I kept all the stock, but do plan on selling most of it this year. These days my interests are narrow gauge both 009 and G scale European stuff.

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