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My Duchess just turned up!




Middle name is Sutherland so i went on the hunt for the duchess of Sutherland after losing a few on ebay i won one and the postman delivered it today here's some pictures.


box isn't to bad a little ripped here and there.

blogentry-8125-016106000 1284251320_thumb.jpg



rushing though the busy station

blogentry-8125-029874000 1284251349_thumb.jpg





only issue I have at this moment is that the front 2 wheels are up in the air, seems to be no weigh at the front or the back am not sure what one is the problem, also the loco's wheels slip :/ not sure at all why only thing i can come up with is that the motor in the tender is to powerful pushing it too hard


anyone has any ideas leave a comment :) thanks


slippy wheels :)

blogentry-8125-087173600 1284251391_thumb.jpg


she's a beautiful loco anyway, well worth the buy for the small issues at the moment



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