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Getting closer, but still a looooooooong way to go




The first of the traction motor units is substantially complete! There's been a bit of trial and error whilst determining what diameter shafts to use for the 1st stage gear. 2mm was too hard to get into the gears square, despite being designed for that diameter shaft.


blogentry-6668-021169400 1285181030_thumb.jpg


I've used 1.9mm diamter tubing for the first, with the intermediate gears glued onto the shaft with industrial adhesive, which is supposed to withstand pressures of 3,500psi :blink: It's glued everything nice and solid - I've tried turning the gears on their shafts and I can't shift them. The final drive gears will be cross drilled and pinned to the axles to make sure they're totally secure.


blogentry-6668-087244400 1285181031_thumb.jpg


The pictures give a good idea of how the finished assembly is going to look - the wheels are set roughly to the correct back to back measurement (31.30mm).


blogentry-6668-071928600 1285181028_thumb.jpg


1 down, 5 to go! :)



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Looks most impressive - quite exciting to be doing the "worky bits" from scratch.


I saw earlier you're intending to paint the gears - does it stick OK? I wondered if instead you could make a shield from very thin brass or plastic and fit that outboard of the idler, but it doesn't look like there's much room to move.



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I saw earlier you're intending to paint the gears - does it stick OK?


I was wondering the same - perhaps just go over them with a black permanant marker?



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Yes, it is quite exciting doing the 'worky bits' from scratch, but it has been pretty frustrating at times as well!


There isn't much room for manoeuvre in the design - I took great care to squeeze the biggest motor I could in there. The gears are Nylon, so I'm not entirely sure if they'll take paint or not. I'll give it a go on the first one, and try the permanent marker (thanks Jon) if not.


I can't help but think that I set the bar too high for myself sometimes. :rolleyes:

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