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Ballast and YGA/YGH

Gloucester Road


Spent yesterday laying code 55 track on the test track, but that wil appear in a thread later. Also spent some time adding ballast to YGA/YGH.


Cardboard former was cut to shape, then PVA glue and ballast:


blogentry-7403-087122100 1285343396_thumb.jpg


This was repeated four times, once for each YGA/YGH.


Here is the YGA which was weathered sometime ago, but it now has a load including some on the discharge chutes and on the decking.


blogentry-7403-086543900 1285343560_thumb.jpg


Here is the YGH with its load; looks very clean must get the weahering powders out. Then all four lined up as a rake.


blogentry-7403-091144700 1285343691_thumb.jpg


blogentry-7403-064984900 1285343728_thumb.jpg.


Will get some shots in a new thread for the code 55 test track.








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