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A Starting Point




Hi All


Royal Yard is a fictitious TMD Home for locos that have been on the Royal Train Locos since 2000.

The base board has been made with 12 mm MDF and framed with 25 x 38 wood. The track is laid (or will be laid) on cork tiles cut to suit and is DCC.


The plan shows how it should look when finished (I am sure it will change :blink: )




This is where I am at the moment






The locos you can see are 47798 Prince William in shed No 4(needs lots more work!)

47799 Prince Henry standing outside shed No 3

47787 Windsor Castle at the fueling point

6233 Duchess of Sutherland (with working lights) outside shed 1

60163 Tornado alongside the shed


The other board you can see with the Pendolino, this is my round and round test track. As far as I am aware a Pendolino has never been used as a Royal Train, but it was for sale second hand at a very silly low price I had to buy it :rolleyes:


It would be great to hear some comments, good or bad


PS has anybody got a spare RH point (Only joking)



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That's a pretty good idea for a display shed/layout. Will you be having the odd item of rolling stock lurking around the depot too? I dare say a kettle support coach would be present somewhere.


The trackplan also looks pretty good, is it based on anywhere in particular?


Looking forward to seeing this develop



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Thanks JaymzHatstand

I have 99041 the support coach for Duchess of Sutherland, converted from a Bachmann MK1 BSK and there is a EWS Class 08 that will look after some tankers and coal wagons for fuel supply. I also intend to build 2920 the Royal Train Generator Brake coach as this coach will need a TMD for servicing


It is not based on any particular place just lots of ideas rolled into one



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