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The full brake is now watertight having had a new roof added and painted.



I added a layer of wet tissue paper to allow it to expand before fixing it to stop bubbling when painting. Then it had a coat of paint before going to bed, Humbrol matt white spray, and was assembled today.




Apologies for the pretty abysmal photo, must charge the SLR for when it's fully lettered up.


I've got some 1 & 2mm gold alphabet transfers on order from Fox to finish it off. The lower sections have had one coat of Mig weathering wash which has dulled it down a little and improved the look of it quite a bit. It will have another coat of this once the transfers have been applied.


I'm going to use a VERY light dusting of the powders on the roof to make it less pristinely white.




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Looks very smart, although I see what you mean about dulling the roof down - go carefully as the powders are a demon to get out of something with texture if you get too much on :)


What're the MIG washes like? I've used the powders and I like them a lot, but have no idea about the washes.



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The washes are superb! Can't recommend them enough, they add just enough grime to be believable, and you can vary the strength of the appearance by removing before the recommended time, or after.

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I bought some neutral wash the other week and liked it so much I went back for two other colours the next day. Fantastic stuff, I've been using it to streak my class 60:





Thanks heaps for the tip - probably the most modelling fun I've had since I discovered the Mig powders :)

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