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James Hilton



...and you can start to see the layout emerging in line with my initial sketches and ideas.


Reading a copy of Barry Norman's 'Landscape Modelling' that I picked up from the Bridgnorth station shop on Saturday is proving to be quite inspiring and it's one of the driving forces behind this renewed vigour. Rose Hill is the perfect layout to try some of this observation and careful scene selection, compression and impressionism out on - and will be a great lead into my Meadow Lane project which is evolving slowly as well.


These photos are not great - they were taken in bad lighting and Photoshop has only half rescued them - they do however give a sense of where we are, where we're going and what's next.

blogentry-6671-000845900 1287437502_thumb.jpg

blogentry-6671-079864100 1287437507_thumb.jpg


Not a lot of progress for my 2010 challenge entry really, no real layout to speak of - but promise I think... it's certainly got that!


Thanks for your recent encouragement - I hope to post some Pacer progress next week, and have some scenery to share with you all by the end of October.

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Hi James,


Ref the top photo; is that another siding going in? :) It's a small step to to Newcastle Central !

If you're stuck for time, perhaps you could change the name to Ply Wood Halt, and leave it at that?

Good stuff; keep it up.





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Pacer is now 3/4 transfered up with just one last side to complete... then it needs the chassis painting matt black and the pickups added, and wiring both units together permanently. I'll lightly weather the roof and underframe too I think.


I can't wait to get on with the scenics this evening - I'm trying to work out how to manage the landscape form - from pictures I think the trackbed is the lowest point so I'm in the position where I kind of need to add foamboard everywhere! It's going to get messy!

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Nice to see this one back again James.


Its simple and a good lesson in restraint as the 'less is more' approach will work well here I feel...

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