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James Hilton



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Last Christmas I got myself a Bachmann Dynamis and a RTR sound chipped Class 37 as a bit of a 'treat'. It was quite a novelty but it wasn't until earlier this year when I wired up Paxton Road to DCC that it really came to life for me - it really does make you 'drive' a locomotive unlike just playing trains.

So the Railfreight grey body shell was swapped and she became a celebrity. I added my usual 37 bits (Hornby Class 50 detailing pack for the pipework, Hornby Class 31 sprung buffers, bogie brake chains) and went a bit further with the underframe - which one day I'll get around to telling the story...

Anyway - whilst snapping the Sentinel and the Pacer it seemed rude not to grab a shot of the slightly work worn beast as she was in the twilight of her years circa 2007.



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