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Float bridge construction




I've spent some time working on the float bridge tonight. In prototype terms its a lift bridge, hinged on the land side suspended at the water end by a gantry, the idea being the water end can be raised or lowered to suit water level I guess.

Anyway onto my construction. Firstly I glued some strips on the underside of the barge body to achieve a level and give it smoother movement. (the current water surface will be painted and varnished so not much extra thickness)


Then the float bridge construction began in earnest into the baseboard cut out. the pictures tell a better story than me.






Barge sliding into position




In position




Concrete side walls and footings for the gantry pillars




Some ballast to blend the area in




I also did some more ballasting at the other end







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John - probably a bit late now - but some of the float bridges had a pontoon on/under the "damp" end, so that it rose and fell with the tide automatically, rather than towers with counterweights.

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I have to say that I am not a fan of US practises (nothing against them, it's just not my cup of tea).

However, this layout has started to grab my attention due to a number of reasons.

1) Because it's a quick build

2) Because of good ballasting

3) Amazing colours on the hard-standing


The hard-standing really does look brilliant and despite numerous attempts, I am still not happy with mine - it is far too dark!


Looking forward to more smile.gif

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Shortliner.. I had spotted them thanks, but I'm quite taken by the imagery of the gantry


Southern Region.. thanks for the comments and for following along, to be fair I cant take to much credit for the concrete colour as the vinyl tiles are self coloured !

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