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Preparing for ExpoNG

Fen End Pit



As next Saturday Fen End Pit is off to Expo Narrow Gauge at Swanley this afternoon was spend checking and preparing the stock. Several couplings needed adjustment, lots of wheel cleaning but nothing serious in need of repair. I had realized I was one driver down so have also been trying to convert 'Larry the Lister driver' into 'Sidney the Simplex driver'


I took the opportunity to take a few photographs and a short clip of the Simplex 40S with the sound chip.




blogentry-7212-034872100 1287867201_thumb.jpg


Having got the 40S checked I moved on to the 32/42 type.


blogentry-7212-046037300 1287867290_thumb.jpg


I also checked out the drive mechanism for the Dragline and tomorrow I expect to get the boards checked out too.


Hope to see some RMWEBBER next week.





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