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Almost there........ (46256)




Well, I'm getting there, slowly.....


Next job to do is undercoat + paint the tender underframe, followed by the soul-destroying task of lining it. I'm not looking forward to it, especially as the lining I bought to do this task is a pile of dodgy doodah. Word from the wise: NEVER use the Fox stuff if you want an accurate looking model. It's far too thick and evidently been sized from something a lot bigger and not so true-to-scale - it was quite a bit longer+taller than the tender body. Suffice it to say, I'm not impressed one bit!


However, all hasn't been lost..... It's a rather good job that the HMRS BR coach lining is a very good match for what I'm trying to achieve. Ok, so it only comes in straight lines and can be a PITA to align round curves, but it's done the job.


blogentry-6712-028891400 1287878046_thumb.jpg



The tender is a very nice Comet etched body with a heavily modified underframe. Thanks have to go to Mucky Duck in his Black 5 thread for the idea on this one! Completely changes the look of it. As for the trailing truck, I'm trying to find some suitable bolts/nuts to allow me to fit the pony wheel as they're not included in the kit (unless they've got lost). Yellow axle box cover yet to be painted.....


blogentry-6712-009857600 1287878204_thumb.jpg



More to come as and when I finish this, which needs to be in the next few days as it's one of the locos appearing in a photoshoot on Wednesday for Hornby Magazine.



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