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Research and Development




So to kick off this new blog, here's some up to date pictures of some bits I've mentioned briefly on the other blog.

Both are development pieces, so progress moves both ways, working out what works and what doesn't.

blogentry-6899-063436100 1289477800_thumb.jpg

This is a Graham Farish HST with a Dapol Mk3

blogentry-6899-013077500 1289477901_thumb.jpg

blogentry-6899-065489000 1289477929_thumb.jpg

Doors have been removed, and the chassis lowered, though there is still too large a bogie - body gap, I think that's down to the bogie being too shallow. Bits of metal have been filed off the underframe too, to improve the relief. The other power cars will have their doors in place.

blogentry-6899-017642700 1289478039_thumb.jpg

The roof grill is replaced with mesh, and part of the TPM exhaust deflector is glued on and used to drill out the exhausts. The actual exhaust outlet still needs adding in the hole and a fan under the grill.

blogentry-6899-070401800 1289478063_thumb.jpg

This is the hole for the coupling bar. Comparing it with the TPM etch for the hatch, I managed to cut it the right size with pure guesswork - lucky!

blogentry-6899-001208500 1289478080_thumb.jpg

blogentry-6899-013224900 1289478150_thumb.jpg

A couple of photos of the interior I've knocked together. It still needs seats adding. If anyone is unfamiliar with the layout of an HST cab, here's a link http://www.uk-train..../p64568476.html

blogentry-6899-047883300 1289478700_thumb.jpg

The mk3 has had a bit of home improvement - with the end wall being knocked through. Most FGW mk3s don't have end doors, so this is a bit of character that needed modelling. The fact the interior isn't designed for viewing from this angle didn't help matters, but was easily solved with some sidecutters :P

blogentry-6899-041509900 1289479052_thumb.jpg

Microtrains couplers have been added, and in time air pipes and ETH sockets will be gained too. The toilet windows are glued in here, so that once all sprayed blue, they'll be pretty flush like the real things are.

Eventually the fleet should stand at 3 power cars, 4 or 5 Mk3s (maybe more) and a pair of gronks.

That's all for now



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  • RMweb Gold

Nice work Jo - can you elaborate a bit more on the track that the MK III is sitting on? Did you make this and is this how you will do the track for the layout?

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Thanks guys! Hopefully the concept of a small slice of something huge will work out well!

Pete, the track is actually a Peco inspection pit with their code 55. I had it out as I was using it for the head on shots of the 67 on t'other blog. The track on the layout will be Peco code 55 (I know, I know, but I have loads of it sat around, and since it's my first layout I thought it'd be simpler) with the shed area kitted out with Peco pits. The pits will be at ground level, with the floor around them recessed, to allow fitters to work on the running gear without bending down etc, if that makes sense?

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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks Jo - clear as mud ;)


Look forward to see this layout and rolling stock evolve.

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Ah, they're not. Sorry to disappoint. The NEM arm has gone in the spares box. All the HST stock has/will have Microtrains mounted on the bufferbeam, as per the real buckeye mounting location

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