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The landscapers have moved in!




A good bit of progress was made last night, with further additions to the hillside structure being made. David and Ben were busy with the styrofoam/polystyrene etc.

blogentry-6831-039158100 1289674784_thumb.jpg


The hillside behind the yard will be steep, with a number of retaining wall terraces to protect the railway from landslips on the less stable areas, and predominantly wooded. There may be scope for one or two small buildings perched on the edge of the hill, but we shall see as the scenic work progresses.


Moving further towards the town, I have been fiddling around with the area surrounding the tram stop and high rise office buildings. The cobbles are from one of those sticky-backed road surfaces supplied by Faller/Noch etc. This particular one, I think, is quite effective and comes from a box of goodies brought along by David... Once I am happy with the position of the tram platform (Green Max kit), this will be painted and fixed down. I will also find the canopy, which is in a box...somewhere! Still a bit of tidying up to do, especially aorund the front of the blocks, with more fences and painting needed.


The parcels lorry is located where the access road will be. The empty area opposite the offices will be a corner of a small park...lots of trees and grass, as well as more walling...

blogentry-6831-095232500 1289675381_thumb.jpg

blogentry-6831-039419700 1289675394_thumb.jpg


The parcels van is a very recent addition; arriving as part of a set purchased on RMWeb the other day. It is a Bandai model, and is unusual in Japanese models as it portrays a modern local delivery truck...the majority of the Bandai and Tomytec lorries represent long-distance tracks It is a very nice set, with one of the longer-distance parcels trucks being portrayed below...

blogentry-6831-062224300 1289675581_thumb.jpg


Over the opposite side of the room, work is progressing with the buildings for Weyford docks. A few months ago, Tony drew up some plans for the flying boat terminal and the Channel Island ferry terminal. Below is part of the plan for the flying boat terminal...

blogentry-6831-030888800 1289675675_thumb.jpg


From which Eric has been painstakingly scratch building the structure...work in progress below.

blogentry-6831-022446600 1289675783_thumb.jpg

blogentry-6831-008633100 1289675803_thumb.jpg


Hopefully before long the 00 layout will be at least partially erected so work can proceed with the scenery around the docks, as well as fitting the buildings.



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Progress looking good. I have not been too good this week, hence the no show! Hope to be there on Fri



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