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Backscene Fitting and other Progress




Sometimes you can spend weeks on a layout without there being much to show for your endeavours and then there are othere where a ten minute job can make a huge difference. Last night was one of those nights as the first part of the backscene was fitted to Yamanouchi Oshika.

blogentry-6831-098837300 1290261982_thumb.jpg


It has taken ages for me to find a suitable picture to use for the backscene to give the layout a sence of depth and place. Hopefully the picture has gone some way to achieving this. I should mention that there are a number of additional buildings etc. that need to be carefully added to the backscene without messing up the perspective that is trying to be achieved.


Up the other end of the layout, two tasks have been completed; the ballasting of the relayed track and the superstructure of the hillside. The ballasting needs to be toned down a little, and next week work will start on the carving of the hillside, as well as plastering etc.

blogentry-6831-063112600 1290262283_thumb.jpg


As has always been the case, some parts of the layout are more complete than others, and apart from the need to tone down the brick wall a little and add one of two pallets etc. the upper industrial estate is more or less complete.

blogentry-6831-077460900 1290262411_thumb.jpg



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